Mood Swings

It doesn’t really matter what you paint because it’s all about the story you are trying to tell and the emotions you are trying to put into the…


Beach & The Rain

This is the beach and the rain. If you look outside the window, the rain makes everything look kind of smudgy. That’s all there is and that’s what…


Paint with Your Heart

Honestly, it was a fun night just to enjoy with a couple of friends. I guess it was more what my mind wanted me to paint, not to…


A Florist’s Flowers

I went to school for Fashion and Communications and we had a few art classes. I don’t paint very often but I painted a few things for myself…


Five Lilies

My middle child died five years ago today (March 19) so this piece is made for her. Her name is Maiden so it’s close to my heart but…


Shape of Hearts

My girlfriend lost her son four years ago and she now sees the shape of hearts around her all the time. That’s what inspired me to do this…


Stop Hiding Under Your Umbrella

I am an auto worker. I build mini vans, and I work for Chrysler in Windsor. We are here because it’s March Break. My daughter, sister and I…


Blue Reminds me of the Ocean

I was just playing around with the paint and I chose blue because its my favourite colour. It reminds me of the ocean! -Kayden, Spotted at Kayden’s 9th…


What do you get when you put 9 year old’s in an art studio?

A mom’s greatest fate. Happy Birthday Kayden! -Maria, Spotted at Kayden’s 9th Birthday Party


R Squared

Isn’t it interesting? -Robin, Spotted at Kayden’s 9th Birthday Party